Commemorating Decent Work Day, KSBSI Sends Petition to Ministry of Manpower

Commemorating Decent Work Day, KSBSI Sends Petition to Ministry of Manpower

The International World Day for Decent Work is observed every year on 7 October. Millions of trade unions in the world use this moment to rally campaigns for the fulfillment of trade union rights.

Documentation of KSBSI.

On the momentum of Decent Work Day this year, the Confederation of All Indonesian Trade Unions (KSBSI) held a Decent Work campaign at the KSBSI head office, Jakarta, Thursday (7/10/2021). This activity was attended by 10 Federations and their affiliated committees. There is also the DKI Jakarta KSBSI Regional Coordinator and representatives from the nearest DPC and the Organizational Advisory Council (MPO).

KSBSI President Elly Rosita Silaban opened the event and gave a speech. Elly said that the ILO has promoted decent work since 1999. However, until now, decent work is still far from what was expected. This is reflected in working hours that are too long, minimal protection, low social security, still uncertain employment status, and less representative workplaces.

“Because we don’t only focus on wages, but also on decent living, decent work and getting a decent wage,” said Elly.

In fact, added Elly, unskilled work is more commonly found in the informal sector than in the formal sector. In the informal sector, work is not feasible, especially for casual workers, namely those who work for other people/employers/institutions that are not permanent (more than one employer in the last month) by receiving wages in the form of money and/or goods with a daily or piece rate system.

Meanwhile, in the formal sector, unskilled work is mainly identified among workers with an outsourcing system. It is known that outsourcing work is considered inadequate because it is vulnerable to layoffs and without severance pay, and does not receive social protection.

In fact, those who work in inappropriate jobs generally earn inadequate salaries, short-term work, do not receive health insurance and other social protection, low bargaining position, and job uncertainty. In fact, they are prone to accidents and illness without being covered by social protection.

Therefore, in commemoration of International Decent Work Day, KSBSI created a petition which was brought to the Ministry of Manpower. There are 4 points of demands for KSBSI and its 10 affiliated Federations, which are aimed at the Government, namely:

1. Urge the Government to revoke and cancel the Employment Cluster Job Creation Law (Omnibus Law) and re-enact sectoral wages.

2. Immediately Ratify ILO Convention 190 on the Elimination of Violence and Harassment in the World of Work.

3. Establish a Tripartite Body (or Tripartite Plus) for Climate Change and a Just Transition.

4. Stop Union Busting or the suppression of trade unions by multinational companies and supply chains.

KSBSI also invited the leaders of other trade unions/labor unions to participate in the celebration of the World Days for Decent Work celebration. Elly offered an idea, each organization made a petition that was sent to the Ministry of Manpower regarding several priority issues regarding the current world of labor.

“The next activity is to bring the petition to the Ministry of Manpower. Each federation brings issues that are relevant at this time,” said Elly.

After the event, representatives of 10 Federations from KSBSI delivered the petition to the Ministry of Manpower. The group was coordinated by the Deputy for the KSBSI Program, Ir. Markus S. Sidauruk.

“The KSBSI team is ready to help draft the petition. Each confederation / federation is free to regulate the contents of the campaign, according to the priority issues of each organization,” concluded Elly.