Ahead of the 9th KSBSI Congress, KSBSI Holds a Plenary Meeting with 4 Steering Committee teams

ACV-CSCIASIA.ORG, JAKARTA - Not long ago, the National Executive Council of the Confederation of Indonesian Trade Unions (DEN KSBSI) held a Steering Committee plenary meeting before the 9th Congress. This was done in preparation for the series of KSBSI Congresses which were due to be held in July.

"So, why are we doing this activity aimed at collaborating or exploring commissions including the AD/ART, Order, GBHO, and Credential commissions, the purpose is to improve, and provide input for the next Congress." said the President of KSBSI, Elly Rosita Silaban when delivering his remarks as well as opening the plenary agenda at the Golden Boutique Hotel Jakarta, Monday (27/03/2023).

Elly advised that the presence of friends could provide input at the plenary of the commission for the 9th Congress this time. "We hope that our presence here can provide ideas, contributions, which can be collaborated so as to produce guidelines for KSBSI in facing the next Congress." he explained.

"What we discussed today can be a reference in future Congress decisions, to become our guide in the next 4 years. Comrades left their families at home to express their thoughts at the steering committee plenary meeting of the 9th congress.

The series of activities ahead of the 9th Congress which is planned to be carried out in July 2023 have been carried out previously, namely each of the 4 Steering Committee teams has held its own small meetings.

And at the plenary meeting that was held for 3 days, the hope is to produce a regulation and improvement to be brought to the main agenda of the 9th Congress in July. (RED)