KSBSI Holds Demo to Commemorate May Day 2023, Here Are 7 Demands

ACV-CSCIASIA.ORG, JAKARTA – The Confederation of Indonesian Trade Unions (KSBSI) commemorates May Day 2023 or world labor day today by holding a demonstration in the Horse Statue area of ​​Jakarta, Monday (1/05/2023).

Around 1,000 KSBSI DKI Jakarta workers arrived at the Horse Statue Area after noon. The President of KSBSI, Elly Rosita Silaban appreciated the demonstrators who had survived at the Horse Statue. He said that there were indeed a few problems with the concentration of the demonstrators.

“That the government has started trying to invite fellow workers to take part in the event which the government holds with prizes of motorcycles, groceries, and so on. But the essence of the trade unions is to struggle to voice their demands by taking to the streets. May Day is a celebration for workers and all workers in the whole world.” said Elly.

Furthermore, Elly said that until now we still reject the Job Creation Law (UU Cipta Kerja), because it has only been moved from the Omnibuslaw, which was previously a Perppu to become a law.

“Of course we refuse, because there are not many changes from the material that we sued at the Judicial Review (JR) Constitutional Court (Mahkamah Konstitusi) before, and right now we are also suing the Job Creation Law, both formal and material.” he explained.

KSBSI’s demands also highlight the Omnibuslaw Bill. “We are highlighting the Bill on Maternal and Child Health, and the Permenaker which allows a 25% wage cut. As is known, so far Indonesia’s economic growth is still good, there is a figure of 5 percent, if they argue that the global crisis and the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war makes no sense.” he said.

Elly also commented on how this year’s May Day was a political year, the workers were somewhat divided and some were directed to the Palace.

“If KSBSI internally has not determined a policy direction, where do you want to take this organization, but what is certain is that of course there will be a presidential election, maybe we will choose a presidential candidate but not the party. That said, don’t vote for a president who agrees with the Omnibuslaw, all current presidential candidates agree, only candidates from political parties Democrats and PKS are not.”

Elly emphasized that, “Back to the workers, don’t be hypocritical, as if we want to oppose this policy, by joining the political parties. Meanwhile, joining the political parties if only one person sits in the House of Representatives (DPR), there will be no guarantee that they can influence other political parties. ” he explained.

He hopes workers stop dreaming. So what can change the fate of the workers is all the unity and struggle of the workers together.

As is known, the demands of May Day 2023, KSBSI invites all labor elements to unite in demanding justice,

1. Revoke the Employment Cluster from Law Number 6 of 2023 (Omnibuslaw).

2. Revoke the Old Age Guarantee and Pension Program regulations from Law Number 4 of 2023 (Omnibuslaw).

3. Issue the SJSN Law and the BPJS Law from the Health Bill (Omnibuslaw).

4. Cancel the Maternal and Child Health Bill.

5. Ratification of ILO Convention 183 concerning Maternity Protection.

6. Revoke Permenaker Number 5 of 2023 concerning a 25% reduction in labor wages.

7. Revoke Permenaker Number 14 of 2022 which complicates the requirements for prospective Ad-Hoc Judges at the Industrial Relations Court. (RED/Handi)