Labour Union Attends and Gives Input to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Germany

ACVCSCiASIA.ORG, GERMANY – Rekson Silaban, Chairman of the Organizational Advisory Council (MPO) of the Confederation of Indonesian Trade Unions (KSBSI) is currently attending the United Nations (UN) Climate Change Conference in Bonn, Germany on June 6-11 2023. He conveyed several inputs to strengthen commitment global warming to a level of 1.5 degrees in 2050.

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Rekson Silaban, the only trade union representative from the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) representing the Asian region, said that through a combination of trade unions and NGOs (TUNGO) demanded that the forum listen to workers’ aspirations, one of which was regarding the making of strict regulations.

“There is a firmness to eliminate fossil fuels in a fast, total, fair way, with the availability of funds.” said Rekson when contacted via telephone call in Germany, Friday (09/06/2023).

Furthermore, Rekson added that the combination of workers and NGOs in the forum also demanded that public funds be directed not to subsidize oil and gas, but to fund a fair transition.

“The group unfurled a large banner that read “End Fossil Fuel” (end Fossil-Based Energy).” Rexson explained.

The UN Climate Change Conference aims to continue discussions on very important issues. Such as, good forms of adaptation, how to make a fair transition, and regarding losses and damage due to environmental changes, as well as mitigation work programs.

The conference is also expected to make progress on climate change and other important issues and prepare draft decisions to be adopted at the World Conference on Climate Change (COP 28) in the UAE country in December 2023.

Representatives from 198 countries that have ratified the Paris Declaration Convention (Parties), together with trade unions, NGOs and related organizations and stakeholders, will attend this Cop 28. (RED/Handi)