KSBSI IX Congress: Elly Rosita Silaban Re-Elected as President for the 2023-2027 Period

ACVCSCIASIA.ORG, JAKARTA – Not long ago, Elly Rosita Silaban and Dedi Hardianto were re-elected as President and Secretary General (Secretary General) of the National Executive Council of the All Indonesian Trade Union Confederation (DEN KSBSI) at the 2023 KSBSI IX Congress with the theme “Social Contract New for Strengthening Labor in Industrial Transformation”. The agenda for the IX KSBSI Congress will take place at the Golden Boutique Hotel in Jakarta, July 8-11 2023.

Elections are carried out by voting in a democratic manner, namely to elect the President and Secretary General of KSBSI. The voting took place excitingly, because Elly Rosita Silaban, who is the incumbent, faced fierce resistance in obtaining votes from his rival and close friend, Riswan Lubis, who serves as General Chair of the Central Executive Board of the Mining and Energy Federation (DPP FPE).

In the end, Elly ended Riswan’s resistance by getting 182 votes, while Riswan got 162 votes. Elly won with a difference of 20 votes out of 347 delegates’ total votes with a record of 3 invalid votes. That way, Elly Rosita Silaban came out as the winner in the KSBSI democracy party and deserves to be President of KSBSI for the 2023-2027 period.

Meanwhile, Dedi Hardianto, who is the incumbent, also defeated his rival and best friend, Supardi, who served as Chairman of the Central Executive Board of the Federation of Food, Beverage, Tourism, Restaurant, Hotel and Tobacco Trade Unions (DPP FSB KAMIPARHO).

Dedi ended Supardi’s fight by getting 180 votes to 165 votes, Dedi won with a difference of 14 votes out of 347 total delegate votes with a record of 2 invalid votes. The incumbent pair managed to extend their leadership for a term of two terms, namely the 2023-2027 period.

Elections by voting took place democratically and directly, freely and secretly, each delegate from 10 KSBSI affiliated federations cast their voting rights with full responsibility.

Apart from the delegates from the federation, there were also delegates from the KSBSI Regional Coordinator (Korwil) chairman at the provincial level, delegates from the National Equality Committee (K2N) and the KSBSI Youth and Environment Committee or commonly referred to as ‘Youth KSBSI’ each with one vote.

Present invited international guests at the IX KSBSI Congress including, Stijn Sintubin-ACV/CSC-Belgium, Laura Eliaerts-ACV/CSC-Belgium, Paapa Danguah-ITUC-Belgium, Jeroen Roskams-WSM-Belgium, Sara Caustermains-WSM-Belgium, Bruno Deceukelier-WSM-Nepal, Patuan Samosir-ITUC AP-Singapore, Anna Tuvera-ITUC AP-Singapore, Akiko Gono-RENGO/ITUC-Japan, Ronaldo Mangampo Adonis-KMU-Phillippine, Mary Ann Castillo-KMU-Phillippine, Julius Cainglet-FFW-Phillippine, Heng Chenda-CLC-Cambodia, Khong Athit-CCAWDU-Cambodia, Chhorn Sokkhoneu’s-CCAWDU-Cambodia, Sok Kin-BWTUC-Cambodia, Sohrab Ali-GBGWF-Bangladesh, Sultana Begum-GBGWF-Bangladesh, Md. Elias-GBGWF-Bangladesh, Hang Thung Hoang-VGCL-Vietnam, Sylvain Goldstein-CGT-France. (RED)