Meet DPN APINDO, KSBSI Conveys Its Commitment in Building Harmonious Industrial Relations

ACV-CSCIASIA.ORG, JAKARTA – Elly Rosita Silaban, President of the All Indonesian Trade Union Confederation (KSBSI) attended a meeting with the National Leadership Council of the Indonesian Employers’ Association (DPN APINDO) at the DPN Apindo head office, Jakarta, on Tuesday (22/08/2023).

The agenda for the meeting went deeper into the work programs of the two parties, how labor unions and Apindo can collaborate and cooperate in relation to creating harmonious industrial relations.

On this occasion, Elly stated KSBSI’s commitment to encouraging cooperation and collaboration with stakeholders, especially regarding employment issues in encouraging the creation of a conducive employment climate.

“That the meeting with DPN Apindo this time was to discuss the desire for cooperation in an effort to build a conducive employment climate. And some of the things discussed at the meeting included discussing the cooperation of the two parties on employment issues, not only in normative issues, but in programs increased skills and productivity.” said Elly.

Elly also said that socialization/training on the Just Transition issue and recognizing the impact of climate change on the community and workers in facing the energy transition.

“In the future, we will explore more, the possibility of forming a national tripartite committee for a fair transition. In this case, Apindo has agreed with the labor unions, just lobbying the government, and we will invite other confederations to collaborate together in overseeing the energy transition.” explained Elly.

Furthermore, Elly stated that she was still fighting for the issue of the Job Creation Law, the meeting also agreed in terms of carrying out other collaborations for the continuation of work and business.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the Apindo DPN, Shinta W Kamdani, who was just elected on June 6, 2023, explained about Apindo’s flagship program, especially the Apindo DPN’s commitment to accelerate the revival of the domestic economy.

“There are a number of work programs that have been prepared as well as four leading action programs that will be the focus of work for the next five years,” said Shinta.

The first flagship program is to make an Apindo economic roadmap as a reference for implementing Apindo’s economic policy advocacy for the next five years. UMKM Merdeka which is a business assistance program aimed at increasing the capabilities of Indonesian MSMEs as well as preparing students to enter the world of work. The third is the alleviation of stunting. Apindo will allocate resources and support from the business world for the stunting prevention program, in order to anticipate threats to the demographic bonus that can hinder the achievement of the vision of Indonesia Gold 2045.

“And finally, the issuance of HR-IR Certification aims to ensure the competence of the workforce in the field of human resource management and mitigate risks that arise in industrial relations,” said Shinta.

Also present at the meeting, Emma Liliefna, Deputy for Programs at KSBSI, Rasminah Pakpahan, Treasurer of KSBSI and their staff. Chairperson of DPN Apindo, Shinta W Kamdani and his staff. (RED/Handi)