In front of KSBSI Federation Representatives, Maria Emeninta Explains ACV-CSCI Asia Work Program Plans 2024

AVC-CVCIASIA.ORG, BOGOR- Maria Emeninta, ACV-CSCI Asia regional coordinator said that the ACV-CSCI Asia regional program plan for 2024 will focus on the issue of Human Rights Due Diligence (HRDD), Just Transition or Climate Change and Artificial Intelligence (AI ) in partner countries namely Indonesia, the Philippines and Cambodia.

“The 3 issues that will be focused on are HRDD, JT, AI. We also have organizational website management activities. In the future, it is hoped that each KSBSI affiliated federation will make news about activities on these issues, in order to further promote their federation, at least one a year, related to HRDD issues , JT and IA. The more often the better.” said Maria Emeninta in Sentul Bogor, Tuesday (20/02/2024).

Furthermore, regarding the program that was previously carried out, namely the comparison of PKB benchmarking in the Garteks Federation, where the PKB comparison program is planned to be intended for 3-4 KSBSI federations by comparing a minimum of 10 PKBs.

“3 alternatives to compare include the comparison of PKB in 1 brand, the comparison of PKB in 1 sector, the comparison of PKB between MNCs and Non-MNCs.” explained Maria.

Then, regarding PKB lobbying/negotiations, especially approaches to action or campaigning on certain issues if needed. Containing one or all three regional issues in the PKB.

“Concrete examples include existing KIKES friends, for that we need initial guidance on drafting the PKB, what kind of language will appear in the PKB and then we will discuss it further.” said Maria.

In the near future there will also be an international seminar, namely in April, a regional seminar and meeting on April 16-18 2024. On the first day there will be a team of National ACV coordinators.

“This national agenda aims to follow up on the Omnibus Law, plan the RTL for labor reform, especially towards the ILC. And recommend discussions about the pre-ILC to be brought to the 2024 ILC. The plan will also be attended by Paapa Danquah and Moninan Wong from ILC Brussels.” said Maria

Pre-ILC which will be discussed on 17-18 April 2024 regarding the CEAACR report: Indonesia cases C.29 and C.98. Then there was an HRDD session to strengthen union work through 3 options, strengthening regulations, HRDD pilot projects and progress on the EU Directive.

“HRDD is a follow-up to last year’s agenda, where the idea is to strengthen it in the form of HRDD regulations, prisms, pilot projects.” said Maria.

Regional programs will also facilitate international-related cases. For example, the Omnibus Law issue, or what else wants to be taken up internationally.

Then regarding the follow-up to the 2023 international seminar, HRDD regional meeting, HRDD pilot project, HRDD Filing Cases Assessment, the priority is around the cement industry in 3 ACV-CSCI Asia partner countries. (RED/Handi)