ACV-CSCI Asia and the KSBSI affiliated Federation Held a Follow-up Meeting for the 2024 Work Program

ACV-CSCIASIA. ORG, JAKARTA – ACV-CSCI Asia region held a meeting to finalize plans for the 2024 work program with 10 representatives from the affiliated Federation of the Confederation of All Indonesian Trade Unions (KSBSI) at the KSBSI Cipinang Muara office on Monday (18/03/2024).

Maria Emeninta, ACV-CSCI Asia Regional Coordinator said that the 2024 Project will focus on three issues, namely those related to the comparison of Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), then related to campaigns, and related to Human Rights Due Diligence (HRDD) or human rights due diligence in cement sector.

“For the CBA comparison project, last year it was implemented by FSB Garteks as a pilot project, namely comparing what is in the CBA regarding good and bad practices.” she said.

The CBA comparison project further highlights the good and bad practices contained in company CBAs, with each Federation given a target of at least 10 CBAs. Then the results of the analysis will be displayed on the respective federation websites as well as the ACV-CSCI Asia website. In the future, it is also hoped that each KSBSI affiliated federation will have a CBA data base.

The terms and conditions of this program are that priority is given to multinational CBAs and if there are not many, national CBAs can also be given. How it works is by collecting CBA, then analyzing it regarding labor standards (good and bad practices) including freedom of association, wages, gender, climate change, including Occupational Safety and Helalth (OSH), and if there are additional points they can be included.

Additional points for providing brief information regarding the company profile. This CBA comparison program will last until August 2024.

Furthermore, projects related to campaigns or encouraging labor issues to be brought to the international level, for example regarding the digital platform which is currently being proposed for discussion at international forums.

Then, the next program concerns making an assessment of HRDD in MNC companies in the cement sector. However, if the project is deemed impossible, it can be transferred to an assessment project on freedom of association, wages, OSH and social security. (RED/Handi)