Report from the 5th Congress of the Cambodian Labor Confederation (CLC), Kong Athit as Elected President 2024-2028

ACV-CSCIASIA.ORG, CAMBODIA – The latest news from Cambodia, just a few days ago from Maria Emeninta Regional Coordinator ACV-CSCi Asia reporting live from the Fifth Congress of the Cambodian Labor Confederation (CLC) Cambodia.

Maria as regional coordinator of ACV-CSCI Asia attended the fifth Congress of the CLC on Sunday (19/05/2024) which resulted in the new leadership of the CLC, namely the election of Kong Athit as President of the CLC for the 2024-2028 period with 102 votes defeating his competitor Ath Thorn who was the president previously.

Haeng Chanda, who also comes from the same federation CCAWDU, won the vote for Secretary General. She was the first woman with 158 votes competing with other candidates for Secretary General.
Meanwhile, the position of vice president was won by Heng Gaeon from the Plantation Federation. He won over three competitors with 98 votes.

These three positions are directly elected at Congress and will be equipped with a treasurer who will be elected at a separate meeting by the 3 main administrators according to the CLC Congress mechanism.

This fifth Congress is the first to carry out a mission to change leadership towards a more open, more pragmatic and pro-social style of dialogue with a friendlier approach to external parties such as the government, with more opposition to left-leaning or somewhat radical opposition to the government. has become a characteristic of CLC’s struggle so far.

So this Congress resulted in a change of new leadership, but also with some concerns about the threat of a potentially detrimental split to the organization. But this was a very democratic procedure that took place within the congress in a smooth way to win the new president Kong Athit.

It is noteworthy that in his political speech before the vote, Kong Athit promised not to throw out the old leaders from the organization and maintain the CLC as a unit to retain the previous leadership into the new CLC management, because the main idea was to reform the leadership style to be more transparent in the path of democracy by collective leadership in the future.

Apart from being attended by Maria Emeninta, the regional coordinator of ACV-CSCI Asia, Bismo from Inspir WSM Asia, with Jeroen Roskams representing WSM Belgium and carrying the name of ACV-CSC Belgium and Stijn Sintubin who will soon end his work at ACV, including the work area of ​​coordinating partners in Asia including CLC Cambodia. Then the Congress arena was also attended by Shoya Yoshida, Secretary General of ITUC Asia Pacific.

They persisted from morning until the end, as did several other international guests such as Mathilda Phanaloux from CFDT France who is also one of CLC’s partners for the last 10 years.

ACV itself has been a partner for quite a long time since the beginning of CLC’s existence, being a guest of honor at this congress and paying serious attention to the tendency for high competition in Congress since it started with the competition between the two great leaders Kong Athit and Ath Thorn. But it was great, it ended up going in a very democratic way and congratulations to the CLC. (Maria Emeninta)