The Law on the Welfare of Mothers and Children is Passed by the Indonesian People’s Representative Council (DPR), Maternity Leave is 6 Months Guarantee of Work and Wages

Minister of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection I Gusti Ayu Bintang Darmawati handed over the Mother and Child Welfare (KIA) Bill to DPR Speaker Puan Maharani during a plenary meeting at the Jakarta Parliament Complex, Tuesday (4/6/2024). Photo: RES

ACV-CSCIASIA.ORG, JAKARTA – The Mother and Child Welfare (KIA) Law was officially approved by the House of Representatives (DPR) in the DPR RI plenary session on Tuesday (4/6/2024).

Sulistri, Secretary General of the Central Executive Board of the Federation of Food Beverage Tourism Restaurant Hotel and Tobacco Trade Unions (DPP FSB KAMIPARHO) said that one of the things that is of concern and is a good thing about this regulation is that the law guarantees that a mother has the right to get maternity leave until 6 months.

“Apart from that, the KIA Law also guarantees that working mothers will be guaranteed not to be dismissed from their jobs and will still be paid their wages during the 6 month leave period.” said Sulistri when met at the DPP FSB KAMIPARHO office in Jakarta, Wednesday (05/06/2024).

According to Article 4 Paragraph (3) letter a of the regulation, it is written that every working mother is entitled to 6 months of leave with the following conditions, namely: 1. a minimum of the first 3 months, and 2. a maximum of the next 3 months if there are special conditions as proven by a letter doctor’s statement.

The guarantee of not being able to be dismissed from work is stated in Article 5 paragraph (1). Every mother who exercises the rights as intended in Article 4 paragraph (3) letters a and b cannot be dismissed from her job and will still obtain her rights in accordance with the provisions of the laws and regulations in employment sector.

Then the guarantee of getting a salary for mothers who get maternity leave for 6 months is stated in Article 5 paragraph (2). In this article there are 3 provisions for payment of wages for mothers who are on maternity leave for 6 months, namely: a. in full for the first 3 months, b. in full for the fourth month, and c. 75 percent of wages for the fifth and sixth months.

The MCH Law states the conditions for a mother to get an additional 3 months of leave. This leave is only intended for mothers with special conditions as regulated in Article 4 Paragraph (5). The two special conditions referred to are first, mothers who experience health problems, and/or postpartum complications or miscarriage. Second, mothers who give birth to children experience health problems, health problems and/or complications.

“The hope is that with this regulation, women’s productivity levels will increase, gender equality will also continue to be encouraged, so that the welfare of mothers and children will improve. “Children can also enjoy the right to receive exclusive breast milk and a golden Indonesia will be realized in 2045,” said Sulistri. (RED/Handi)