Holding an Action on the Sidelines of the 112th ILC Session, Indonesian Workers Support the Struggle of Myanmar Workers

ACV-CSCIASIA.ORG, GENEVA – On the sidelines of the 112th International Labor Conference (ILC 112Th) agenda, the Indonesian delegation participated in an action to support Myanmar workers which was held in front of the ILO office in Geneva, Switzerland on Monday (10/06/2024) local time.

“We Stand for Workers of Myanmar” We stand behind the struggle of Myanmar workers. “Not in Indonesia, not in Geneva, always take part in the action to support the struggle of Myanmar friends,” said Maria Emeninta after taking part in the action held in front of the ILO Geneva office, Monday (10/06/2024) local time.

Maria said that this time she fully supports the implementation of Article 33 of the ILO constitution to give the Governing Body the authority to take a stand and recommend support for the NUG and refuse the Myanmar military to become workers’ representatives at the ILO.

Indonesian workers fully support the struggle of their Myanmar trade union friends who are constantly fighting for democracy.

“Proud to know warrior heroines like Phyo Sandar Soe and Khaing Zar, when their union leaders had to hide in the middle of the forest on the border of their country.” said Maria.

Maria advised that, there comes a time when we no longer fight for ourselves or our country. Come on, it’s time to carry out a wider struggle than that, to fight to defend them from other countries.

Also participating in this agenda were the ILC 112th delegates from Indonesia. (RED/handi)