ILO Session ILC 112Th, Indonesian Workers Urge the Indonesian Government to Improve the Job Creation Omnibus Law

ACV-CSCIASIA.ORG, GENEVA – Elly Rosita Silaban, President of the Confederation of All Indonesian Trade Unions (KSBSI) who is also Chair of the Trade Union Delegation at the 112th International Labor Conference (ILC) this year, said that Indonesian workers urged the Indonesian government to follow up on the conclusions and recommendations of the 2023 ILO ILC Expert Committee. on the Omnibus Law on Job Creation.

“Representing the voice of Indonesian workers, we urge the Indonesian government to follow up on the Committee’s conclusions and recommendations. We also urge the Indonesian government to immediately request technical assistance from the ILO and involve social partners.” said Elly Rosita Silaban in her speech at the ILO session on Monday morning Geneva time (10/06/2024).

Having the honor to speak on behalf of Indonesian workers. Elly Rosita Silaban appreciated the ILO Director General for his report entitled “Towards a new social contract”.

It is time for a new social contract between workers, governments and businesses based on respect for human rights, including fundamental principles and rights at work.

“We Indonesian workers fully support the ILO Director General’s report. In the context of accelerating economic integration and reshaping the labor market, the formulation of employment policies is very important and the participation of social partners is very important. We need to restructure our social contract by prioritizing social dialogue.” Elly explained.

Regarding the Job Creation Law No.6/2023, the Indonesian government failed to carry out proper consultations with labor unions. Until now, labor unions continue to voice their rejection of the Job Creation Law.

The Job Creation Law clearly undermines basic workers’ rights and workers’ welfare, especially in terms of setting minimum wages, extending short-term work contracts, flexible outsourcing arrangements, extending overtime and reducing severance pay, and so on.

The Standards Application Committee (CAS) at the 111th ILO session in June 2023 reviewed the implementation of ILO Convention No. 98 in Indonesia. In its conclusions, the Committee calls on the Government to utilize, without delay, the ILO’s technical assistance mechanisms with a particular focus on labor law reform, including the Job Creation Law, with the full involvement of social partners, to ensure full compliance with these regulations under the ILO basic Conventions.

Elly Rosita Silaban in her speech also thanked the Director General for his continuous support for the tripartite constituents in Indonesia.

“I had the honor to meet officially with the Director General last Saturday in his office and convey the aspirations and hopes of Indonesian workers regarding the follow-up to the 2023 CAS conclusions. In this regard, I also thank the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) – Asia Pacific and ILO ACTRAV for facilitating this important meeting.” said Elly.

Elly also highlighted that adequate and sustainable social protection for digital platform economy workers is very important. He emphasized that peace is the basis for realizing social justice.

Furthermore, Elly emphasized that Indonesian workers and workers will also continue to support solidarity with global workers.

“We support the restoration of democracy in Myanmar. Indonesian workers stand firmly in solidarity with the Confederation of Myanmar Trade Unions (CTUM), Myanmar workers and the Myanmar people in their struggle to regain peace, justice and democracy in their country.” she said.

Indonesian workers also strongly support efforts for peace, freedom and self-determination for the Palestinian people. Furthermore, Indonesian workers urge trade union leaders around the world to stand in solidarity against the barbaric military actions in Palestine and urge world leaders to stop the brutality and inhumane occupation.

Finally, Elly stated that Indonesian trade unions promised to continue to be actively involved in ILO activities. (RED/Handi)