Profile of PT. Parkland World Indonesia 1

PT. Parkland World Indonesia 1 is domiciled on the Serang KM highway. 68, Nambo Ilir Village, Kibin District, Serang Regency, Banten.

Is a company engaged in the Footwear, Leather and Rubber business as well as a sports shoe manufacturer.


  1. Best & Bad Practices on Freedom of Association
    1.1. Article 7, Clause 2: Employers are obligated to assist and provide ample opportunity to
    union officials/ labor union representatives to carry out their organizational duties on a
    daily basis.
    1.2. Article 9: Employers are obliged to provide facilities and other means, suitable space for
    the Secretariat office along with its equipment and tools.
    Note: Employer obligation means it must be carried out in accordance with agreements.
    1.3. Article 25, Clause 5: Employers must involve labor unions to accompany their members
    in the labor dispute resolution process.
  2. Best & Bad Practices on Wages
    2.1. Article 65, Clause 1: If the company’s condition cannot sustain its activities properly and
    it is necessary to reduce the workforce or streamline the company, the employer may
    carry out mass layoffs after obtaining permission from the Department of Labor and
    negotiating with the Labor Union.
    2.2. Article 33, Paragraph 3: Employees who are ill and examined by doctors outside the
    company must obtain a recommendation from the company’s clinic doctor.
    Note: Employers do not allow sick employees the freedom to have their conditions
  3. Best and Bad Practices on Social Security
    3.1. Not participating in the Unemployment Insurance program.
  4. Best Practices on Gender
    4.1. Article 12, Clause 2: Employers and labor unions also commit to enforcing the
    elimination of gender-based violence in the workplace as a form of concern by the
    company for the protection of workers and others in the workplace. The implementation
    and socialization of this program are carried out jointly or individually by each party to
    be known by parties in the workplace.
    4.2. Article 31, Clause 5: Special places are provided for breastfeeding female employees to
    pump and store breast milk in the breastfeeding room.
  5. Best and Bad Practices on OSH, including Climate Change and Just Transition
  6. Others
    Best Practices:
    6.1. Article 68, Clause 1: Employees, if subjected to treatment by other workers, local
    supervisors/foreign workers, or employers, have the right to express their grievances
    directly to union officials/labor union representatives or in writing to the union, SEA,
    HRD, or via SMS Gateway or the WOVO application. The company has an application
    for complaints, where employees who experience unpleasant acts can submit their
    complaints through the application.
    6.2. Article 72, Clause 1: Workers’ dormitories include, among others:
    a. Employers provide dormitories for certain groups of workers, free of charge and/or
    without wage deductions based on proposals from department heads and approval from
    company management.
    b. Employers, in providing dormitory facilities for workers, also provide other facilities such
    as: adequate beds, lighting, terrace, drinking water, and a clean and healthy
    6.3. Article 79, Clause 1: Employers conduct exemplary employee elections once a year, as
    an effort to increase employee loyalty to the employer.
    6.4. Article 79, Clause 2: Selected employees may be awarded, including:
    a. Certificate of Appreciation
    b. Bonus, in the form of money or goods